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Amazing Race!

This artwork is the very first oil painting to come into my new body of work.

"Racing" - 2019 - oil on Kraft on door - 93cm x 146cm

I did a few oils in the past, but it was impossible in an apartment/condominium.

Now I have a large atelier in the countryside of Normandy, which allows me to use oil again.

Colors are vivid and bright.

I was very excited and of course, my first feeling was like racing with this medium again.

Of course, I designed a map and set the racing track into my recurrent figure "arch and bridges".

The red, white and black stripes reminded me of the racing world of the 60s.

In February 2018, I went to a DIY to create a desk. I bought a door and asked them to shorten it. This cut door became a board - light, thick and sturdy for my computers.

Later, when I settled in Normandy this board was used as the top of the lounge table in front of the fireplace...

A few months later, 4 June 2019, I decided to paint it with oils that my brother left here.

That’s how I discovered that doors are a great support for painting and I decided to create artwork on doors.

A Kraft paper was started 16 June 2019.

After the first layers I cut another door (12 Nov 2019) to glue this Kraft onto on 14 Nov 2019.

Only then did I work on the final processes to finish my project Racing.

As well, you can find this Artwork on Amazon here.


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