• Alexandra

Started to work on a new duality.

The square part (150cm x 150cm) was delivered January 17th.

The second part (150cm x 100cm) received February 8th.

The French company making the canvases is Master Toiles. High quality, heavy-duty stretchers made the traditional way. I like it very much.

I have been working with those canvases for years, and after a long run comparison on similar canvases, I can tell Master Toiles makes great products. Those are not cheap and one can understand why especially during a rough process like the "Naked Walls" which require a steady surface on quality stretchers, lasting for years after the work is done.

Here are pictures of the canvases roaming around in the atelier for few days...

- the square part delivered:

- with the second part the dual canvas is 150cm x 250cm.

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