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Out Of Sync

"Out Of Sync" 2018 - Distemper - 130cm x 97cm (close-up)

Today was a good day...

With great Deep House Mixes infused in the atelier, I was stamping on my toes during a cool session of painting on a large format distemper, started December 25th.

"Out Of Sync" is an original work on Kraft paper,

I first lay the paper on the floor or on board/door with pliers. Later, when the first elements of structure are defined and before the paper becomes too difficult to loosen with water, I stretch it on linen canvas (February 6th).

The past 3 weeks I applied estrogens amongs other things on it, digressing from the technique of distemper.

Adding raw medium acrylic, the surface was altered.

I then used heavy body paint and watercolor techniques to finish it.

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