• Alexandra

Going this way with digital photography

"Untitled" 2011 - Digigraphie

I think photos are sometimes incomplete despite their technical accuracy. The meaning of my photographs was often limited and only partially evident. Instead of exalting the mechanical origin of the medium or some digital properties, refusing any standardization I came to take photos both with and without lens. To take picture without lens, I transform my basic camera by using a lens cap and covering the large hole drilled into it with plastic wrap. As objects lose their real appearance, I forget the immediate subject and can fully concentrate on light and shapes. I call these raw pictures “Free_Lens”. Photographs taken with a lens are used to place a part of my abstract imagery in a figurative context. Finally I create an original digital work by layering photos of my paintings over these straight photographic shots, using image editing software. This digital mix, which I call “Hybrid”, explores themes such as the appearance and perception of identity in a social environment. It became my way of challenging the viewer, addressing worries I may have and expressing myself freely.


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