Different techniques and mediums organize my painting work :

Lacquers/Oils, Acrylics and Watercolors, on various supports (Pure Linen Canvas, MDF Wood Panel, Piece of Door, Paper).

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Currently I am working on a series of large format lacquers.


My work standard strives to reach the highest quality by constantly looking for the best products and materials.

The pure linen canvases are from a French company making high quality heavy-duty keyable stretchers (Master Toiles).
The lacquers are an homemade recipe.

Pigments and Oils are exclusively from the French company Sennelier,

Golden® and Liquitex® are my brands for additional acrylics and additives (mediums, gels).

Watercolors are made with my handmade watercolors, Blockx and Winsor & Newton Extra-Fine watercolors.