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French-born American in 1968.

After land surveyor studies I joined an art school, the Académie Malouine d’Arts Plastiques in Saint-Malo from 1998 to 2004.


From 2006, I exhibited and sold my paintings and my pictures, and participated in solo and group shows in well-known venues in St-Malo.

In 2008, I moved to Pacific Grove, California. I attended the fine-art photographers group of Cole Weston, ImageMakers of Monterey and applied with success to the Pacific Grove Art Center annual show. Unfortunately, I had to cancel because I needed to find immediate income.
I obtained a position in Hawaii in the land surveying department of an international civil engineering company.


Two years later, I modeled and attended drawing classes at the University of Hawaii and Community Colleges in Honolulu. In the meantime, I create a digital pinhole and develop with this tool my "Free_Lens" Project.

By 2011, I had finally decided to suspend my land surveyor career to pursue my work as a visual artist.

But a long self-diagnosis which had begun in 2010 led me to commit to a gender transition.


The next five years were fully dedicated to my transition and the ultimate reassignment surgery.

In this process, I decided to destroy all my previous work.

In 2017, the transition completed, I moved to the countryside of Normandy in 2018. My time is now entirely devoted to developing artwork. Music composition made since 1982 has recently, with sculpture, become part of my activities.

Since 2022 my artwork is supported by the French government (DRAC - Ministry of Culture). I obtained a grant to produce a mixed media project (painting and photography) based on my pinhole photography fund from my time in Hawaii.

I work on large formats with homemade glycerophthalic lacquers.


Permanent exhibition at the DOUBLET Art Gallery (Avranches) since 2022, I have exhibited in France and the USA.


My atelier/gallery (The Art Haus) is located in the deep countryside of lower-Normandy and, as a professional visual artist I have my French business identification (SIRET# Visual Artist Registration).

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