French-born American in 1968.

My personality is slightly out of sync with the world and early on I felt my difference. To write, to draw, to paint, to photograph, and to compose music are my activities. With no particular interest in school I however become a land surveyor.

To eventually change jobs, I joined an art school, the Académie Malouine d’Arts Plastiques in Saint-Malo. From 1998 to 2004 I studied with Eric BRAULT, Denise MASSON, Isabelle DUBRUL and Jean-Claude CRANCE. I took up these evening classes as a time of training, as a student and not a dabbler. During this period, I photographed industrial sites.

In 2006, I began to expose my painting and my pictures.

In 2008, I moved to Pacific Grove, California.

I attended the fine-art photographers group of Cole Weston, ImageMakers of Monterey.

I applied with success to the Pacific Grove Art Center annual show and was assigned the largest room at the Center to exhibit. Unfortunately, I had to cancel because I needed to find immediate income.

I obtained a position in Hawaii in the land surveying department of an international civil engineering company. In Honolulu, I only had time for photography.

In 2010, I was a part of the mass layoffs that struck my company.

I took this as an opportunity to think about my true aspirations. I started to take pictures intensively and to develop my Free_Lens Project. I attended drawing classes at the University of Hawaii and Community Colleges in Honolulu and I modeled.


However, in 2011, I finally decided to discontinue my land surveyor career to pursue my work as a visual artist. But that was without counting on a long self-diagnosis begun in 2010, which led me to review my personal development as a priority and, more broadly, to reflect on the world around me.

This first led me to discover that I have a mild case of Asperger's and a desire to engage in a gender transition.

In this process, I decided to destroy all my previous work.

The next five years were fully committed to my transition and the ultimate re-assignation surgery.

My initial convictions were only reinforced during this period of analysis. It would then nourish my outlook on life and serve to redefine my artistic goals.


In 2017, the transition completed, I moved to the countryside of Normandy in 2018.

The urge and energy of painting returned. Like in an emergency, my time is now entirely devoted to developing artwork.

My painting work is influenced by geometry, industrial architecture and maritime atmosphere. Music inspires my imaginary landscapes; my pictorial work expresses my trans identity through their passages and figurative obstacles that I describe in my Artist Statement.  My digital work “Free_Lens Project” and “Hybrids” explore ambivalence as well.

Today I work on large formats. My projects are numerous, my ideas endless. And sculpture has recently become part of my activities.

I have exhibited in France and the USA. I live and work in Normandy.