The Art Haus Gallery is the catalog of my artworks for sale. Please feel free to browse the Collections.
You will find more details (close-up and virtual room design) and the price for each artwork.
If you are interested by making a purchase, please email me.
You are welcome to visit my Atelier/Gallery located in Normandy.
For your convenience and a safe online purchase, please use one of my marketplaces listed below. You will be then redirected to my personal store front page.

Thank you.

                                                                      - Alexandra

Each of my Artworks is unique, an authentic original created by Alexandra Pignon (according to Article 98 A of French Tax Law).

My Signature is on the front and the back of each Artwork. The Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) is signed and included with each purchase from Alexandra Pignon. This COA insures that your acquisition is an original signed by me, Alexandra Pignon, the artist.
The invoice mentions my Professional Registration Number (SIRET#) with my Name and Address. 

For Companies: the purchase of my artwork is tax deductible for 5 years (article 238 bis AB CGI - French Tax Law).


Collection Painting

oil  |  acrylic  |  watercolor

Series - 

Note about the painting work:
For a perfect finish, I apply a Bonded Fiber Tape all around the Artwork.

On the back there is a hanging system for the Artwork to be hung on picture rails for professional exhibition. Some Artworks are heavy, notably due to the support itself (piece of door/ MDF wood panel - between 5/8kg) or due to the mortar I apply to the surface as a preparatory step (5 to 30Kg).

The Artwork is shipped in a secured heavy crate.
Some Artworks are multi-panel (my "Deep_Tychs") with metal plates mounted on the back.


Collection Photo

Free_Lens_Project  |  Hybrids

Series -

Note about the photo work:
To be qualified as Digigraphie®, the artwork has to be printed exclusively on Epson Professional Photo Printers, using Epson inks on fine-art/museum grade certified papers.
Each limited edition print is embossed with the Digigrapher's stamp and signed.
Each Digigraphie® comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) numbered, signed and is included with each print purchase from Alexandra Pignon.
This COA insures and attests that the Digigraphie® you purchased was authorized, approved and signed by the original artist, Alexandra Pignon.
The original artwork is referenced on The Official Digigraphie® Website.

The Print mounted on Dibond® is shipped in a secured heavy crate.
The Print can be purchased unmounted and shipped in a tube.