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My identity and my personal esthetic are slightly out of sync with the world around me. I express my ambiguous personality through mixed techniques, based on the exploration of two mediums, photography and painting. The overall approach of this investigation reflects my ambivalence.

I – Pictorial statement…

At the origin of my painting is the work of my principal teacher Eric Brault whose art influenced me a lot, and whose work informed the development of my own language. More broadly, I am predominantly sensitive to abstract expressionism.

I really like working on Kraft. Close to watercolor, my work on kraft is fluid, at least the first sessions. At a certain stage, I glue it on canvas and finish my work.

"To privilege the freedom of gesture is essential. »

Last year (2019) I discovered (by necessity) that doors make good supports, rigid and light. Even if the dimensions are limited, I get different sizes by changing their length. My krafts have found a new setting that I find interesting today.

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